• Sunshine State Award nominated books are ordered each year. These books are written by American authors and have been written in the last five years. They are nominated because they are considered to be exceptional by parents, teachers or media specialists. The students in grades 3-5 are encouraged to read as many of the 15 books as possible. In the spring children who have read at least three books will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite book.
    • The “Caught You” program involves school-wide citizenship, character education, and the core values. Students may receive a star when they are spotted in the library following the library citizenship rules.
    • Chiles Morning News Show is broadcast in the studio located in the Media Center, and is under the direction of Mrs. Jung.  Students in grade 5 may indicate their desire to be a part of the crew to their teacher or Mrs. Jung. Crews consist of 10 students who are trained in the TV News Area.   Each student has the opportunity to experience each position on the crew. The crews change every 9 weeks.