• Employee Use of a WCD

    Board employees may use personal WCDs while on Board time, but are subject to the following restrictions:

    1. Excessive use of a WCD for personal business during work hours is considered outside the employee's scope of employment and may result in disciplinary action.

    2. Employees are responsible for operating vehicles and potentially hazardous equipment in a safe and prudent manner. Employees are prohibited from using WCDs while operating vehicles or equipment on Board time. In the interest of safety for both Board employees and other drivers, employees are required to comply with all applicable laws while driving.

    3. Employees may not conduct Board business through text messaging, private email accounts or non-approved social media networking sites. Board employees may conduct Board Business through the use of the District’s e-mail system, the student information system with parent portal, and the District’s website.

    4. Information/Data transmitted in the course of Board business through the use of personally-owned WCDs is subject to monitoring and filtering, and the employee shall have no expectation of privacy in such information/data.