About the Academy

  • The Academy of Criminal Justice, located at Newberry High School, is a magnet program for students interested in pursuing a career in the legal profession, law enforcement, court systems, or corrections.

    A middle school grade point average of 2.5 or higher is required for admission into the academy.

    The Academy of Criminal Justice is taught in partnership with the Criminal Justice Program at Santa Fe Community College. An Articulation Agreement between the two institutions enables students who complete the course work in the Academy of Criminal Justice at Newberry High School, with a 2.5, to enter the Criminal Justice Program at Santa Fe Community College, and receive exemptions from certain courses. The Academy of Criminal Justice is a Florida Gold Seal vocational scholarship program. There are also scholarships endowed by the State Attorney's Office, Gainesville Police Department, and the Alachua County Sheriff's Office that are available only to graduates of the Academy.

    Students in the Academy take all academic course requirements for graduation as well as specialized courses within the Academy, such as constitutional law, criminal law, criminal procedures, judicial process, law enforcement, juvenile justice, self-defense, patrol techniques, and traffic accident investigation. 

    While enrolled in the Academy, students perform a total of 75 community service hours. The student receives hands-on experience in the field of Law Enforcement or with the Alachua County Teen Court Program, serving as jurors, lawyers, or bailiffs. Another criminal justice agency may be substituted for community services, with approval from the program director. Participation in these programs will further the education and training of the academy student.

    Graduation from the Criminal Justice Academy will open doors for students interested in the criminal justice field.