TV Production

  • ATEM Switcher TV Production is an exciting and fun part of our schools.

    Students in video production are involved in project-based learning, allowing them to express their thoughts, feelings and knowledge while utilizing their critical thinking skills. They are encouraged to ask questions about what they watch, see and read, and hopefully become more media literate – learning how to navigate the powerful images and sounds that bombard them daily.

    To request a quote for a new Black Magic Design ATEM TV Studio for your school, email Miki Vajay.

    Schools Using ATEM

    • Archer
    • Bishop Middle
    • Chiles Elementary (Jessie Jung)
    • Glen Springs (Kaitlin Dhue)
    • Hidden Oak
    • Hawthorne
    • High Springs Community (Nancy Ensminger)
    • Lake Forest
    • Lincoln Middle
    • Littlewood
    • Meadowbrook Elementary
    • Mebane Middle (Lisa Bailey)
    • Newberry Elementary
    • Newberry High
    • Oak View Middle
    • Parker Elementary (Ellen Meeker)
    • Rawlings Elementary
    • Santa Fe
    • Talbot Elementary
    • Westwood Middle
    • Wiles Elementary


    Schools Using OBS (software only solution)

    • Gainesville High (Tony Malo)

    Can I use a computer as an HDMI video source on the ATEM switchers?

    Yes you can, but there are a few things you'll want to check.

    If you’re plugging in a computer to the HDMI inputs of the ATEM switcher, be sure that the monitor settings on the computer are set to the correct resolution and frame rate. If you’re using 1080i video, then your monitor needs to be 1920 x 1080 resolution. If you’re running 720p on your switcher, then your monitor needs to be set to 1280 x 720 in resolution. If you are using NTSC then your monitor needs to be 720 x 486. If you are using PAL then your monitor needs to be set to 720 x 576. The frame rate also needs to match your ATEM setting.

    Additionally, the ATEM switchers operate in a YUV color space. Many computers output an RGB color space. You will want to ensure that your computer output is YUV otherwise you may see incorrect colors displayed through the ATEM.

    Still having trouble?

    If you can't find the answer to your question in our support material, please contact Black magic Design via telephone or email.

    For technical support in the United States, please have your hardware details and software version ready then:

    Telephone +1 408 954 0500
    OR Support Request