• Ms. Bason
    Mrs. Bryan
    Ms. Gold
    Ms. Helsel
    Ms. Bailey
    Ms. McMahon
    Mrs. Lemery 

    The Kindergarten Teachers at Irby Elementary believe that children learn by doing. Children will learn to read by reading, will learn to write by writing, and will learn math concepts by manipulating objects. Children will learn about science and social studies through exploration and discovery.

    Teachers will spend time developing the children's self-confidence. They will let children know that mistakes are okay and we learn from them.

    Kindergarten here at Irby Elementary is separated into two sections: Bear Country and Learning Land.

    Kindergarten Quotes:
    Why I like Kindergarten.
        * I love learning. It is fun.
        * We can learn to read and I love reading.
        * The most fun thing we do is math.
        * My favorite thing in Kindergarten is my teacher.
        * We get to cook yummy stuff.
        * I like to come to school because it is fun.
        * We get to go to Art and eat pizza on Fridays.
        * I like to come to school every morning.