First Grade

  • Ms. Gil
    Mrs. Edmond-Drain
    Ms. Hamilton 
    Mrs. Hill
    Mrs. Osborne
    Ms. Patterson
    Ms. Zant
    Mrs. Beaupied (1/2)

    Welcome to first grade at W.W. Irby Elementary School. We are planning an exciting and educational year for your child. Our goals in first grade are to promote achievement as well as to instill a lifelong love of learning in a positive child-centered environment.

    READING: First grade is where language and literacy skills combine so children become 'REAL' readers.  Using state adopted Pearson Reading Streets curriculum, the five keys of reading are taught through a variety of motivational instructional strategies.  Support and intervention will be provided through guided reading, literacy stations, and the Common Core exemplar text.  Our ultimate goal is to provide opportunities to develop deep understanding and build higher order thinking skills through modeling and infusing 'Good Reader Strategies' in order to help students develop into independent readers who can eventually connect text to the real world.        

    MATH: The first-grade math curriculum is based on the state approved county adopted McGraw Hill My Math program.  It provides the students with varied experiences with basic facts, practices, and skills found in the Florida Standards.

    Additionally, Every Day Counts Calendar Math is incorporated through interactive activities which provide visual, hands-on exposure to critical math concepts.  These programs work together to help students develop mathematical competence and confidence.

    WRITING: First graders are using the Pearson Reading Street curriculum in order to teach writing.  Varied writing tasks and opportunities will be provided to help students write to inform or explain, in addition to writing in order to build and present research.

    SCIENCE/SOCIAL STUDIES: Through the state approved National Geographic Science curriculum, we help children acquire knowledge of the world around them, as well as concepts of investigations.  This, in turn, helps to develop the keen ability to ask scientific questions.  Our Social Studies curriculum is integrated into other subject areas.  It guides and helps the students to learn and extend their knowledge about the make-up, history, purpose, and differences of not only their community but communities abroad.