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    The art program at W.W. Irby helps to nurture the creative process through visual experiences. Students develop valuable skills through the creation of original pieces, aesthetic awareness and an appreciation for the arts.

    What do we do in Art? We...

    • create artwork that uses the elements of art: line, texture, color, value, shape, and form
    • identify and use art principles like arrangement and composition
    • produce original pieces of artwork by using a variety of techniques, media, and tools
    • learn to appreciate different cultural and historical forms
    • learn about artists and their contribution to the arts
    • learn to develop an awareness of art and how it relates to our world
    • follow Sunshine State Standards for the Visual Arts for PreK--2nd grades
    • explore careers in the arts

    How can you help your child enjoy Art?

    • talk with your child about his/her artwork
    • find a special place at home to display your child's artwork
    • take your child to any museums or art events available in your community, especially those designed for children.