• Lalaine Foreman


    The music curriculum at W.W. Irby is based upon the Orff-Schulwerk philosophy of teaching music. This method engages the child in active participation in making music. Starting with the smallest child, this approach heightens the child's awareness of sound, language, movement, and more importantly, the child's role in producing them. Elemental music is never music alone but is always connected with speech, movement, dance, and drama.

    What do we do in music? We...

    • sing
    • dance
    • play instruments
    • learn to recognize music symbols
    • learn about instruments of the band and orchestra
    • learn about composers and their music
    • learn how music is part of our country's heritage

          How can you help your child enjoy music?

    • sing with your child
    • take your child to a variety of musical events
    • provide your child with instruments to play that are age appropriate
    • provide music audiotapes, recordings, and videotapes that are age appropriate