Exceptional Student Education

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    Ms. Young, ESE Teacher
    Mrs. Helen Fillippucci, ESE Teacher 
    Mrs. Melissa Ibanez, Gifted Teacher (50%)
    Ms. Dickhaut, ESE Aide
    Ms. Higdon, ESE Aide
    Ms. Hughes, ESE Aide
    Ms. Johnson, ESE Aide             

    The Varying Exceptionalities class at Irby Elementary serves a broad range of students who have been identified with special needs. Once students are identified as needing special education services, an Individual Educational Plan (IEP) is developed with the parents and other professional team members. This plan targets special educational goals and objectives based on the student's unique needs.

    The purpose of this program is to provide services to students who may need more intense academic, social, communication or independent functioning skills instruction. The student-to-adult ratio is usually much lower so that students may benefit from either one-to-one or small group direct teaching. The class consists of one exceptional student education teacher, as well as a paraprofessional. The students have an opportunity to be assessed and taught at their current level and show annual gains based on individual progress.

    The overall mission of our program is to provide services in a collaborative, child-centered environment while striving to meet the unique cognitive, social, and emotional needs of each student.