Playground Fundraiser Update

  • In conjunction with C.W. Parker's 75th Anniversary Celebration in April 2015, our PTA kicked off a Playground Renovation Project to begin the much needed revitalization of our existing playgrounds.  Since then, 2 major things have occurred:

    Wild Spaces & Public Places passed
    The City of Gainesville is partnering with C.W. Parker to create a community playground/park that will focus on our back (older students) playground, basketball court area and the back field that are accessible to the neighborhood public after school and EDEP hours.  Meetings for this part of the project are currently underway.

    We raised $75,000
    Through generous donations and our football parking fundraiser, we’ve met our goal of raising $75,000 to improve the side (younger students) playground.  Come visit our new playground!!!!  Thanks for all of your help.

    We'll continue to update this page as things progress.  Thank you for your support.