Program Overview

  • The Alachua County School Volunteer program is coordinated at the district level and it is school-based. Each principal appoints a school-level volunteer coordinator for the academic year. The district office provides the structure and materials needed for the school-based program. They also assist by providing training in volunteer recruitment, record keeping, orientation and training of staff and volunteers, recognition, public relations, and program evaluation. The district also provides recognition for volunteers.

    The following programs are coordinated under the district and more information can be found using the links on the right side of our home page.

    • Speaker's Bureau
    • Partners in Education
    • College Volunteering
    • Lunch Buddies Mentoring Program


    The district also coordinates the following volunteer programs:


    The MentorGNV Program began as a partnership with the University of Florida’s Student Government Association 1991. Volunteers are matched with elementary and middle school students and commit an hour each week to mentor these students for the semester. Recruitment, orientation, and placement of these volunteers is done at the beginning of fall and spring semesters. Over 5000 students have volunteered for this program.  

    Currently, we are partnering with MENTORGNV to recruit, place and train college mentors in this program.

    Teen Trendsetter Reading Mentors Program

    Teen Trendsetters Reading Mentors is an award-winning program that recruits and trains high school students to mentor third graders in reading. Teens commit to at least one hour each week and are matched with elementary students at their partnered school. These teens are trained to work with a specialized 40-minute curriculum developed by the Volunteer USA Foundation in cooperation with Scholastic, called Brain Storm. The curriculum consists of three topic areas, each with a 10-session, skill-based student magazine, a comprehensive tutor guide and books to become part of the elementary student’s home library. Contact at the School Volunteer Office for participating high schools. Please visit the Teen Trendsetter website for more information.


    Photo of Teen Trendsetter mentor working with elementary school student.         Photo of Teen Trendsetter Mentors working with their assigned students.         Photo of Teen Trendsetter mentor and mentee pairing reading a book.