• Makerspace is an exciting, innovative way to teach technology, cooperation, and design.  Imagine a challenge to create a design for a new invention, and given various tools and a team to work.  We do more organized and structured STEAM projects in our Too-Awesome Tuesday classes, but a makerspace event allows students the freedom to start from scratch, and use a variety of materials.  

    Here are some exciting articles about the Makerspace concept.


    US News Article

    What's the Maker Movement and Why Should I Care?

    The Curiosity Commons Reasons We Makerspace

    Makerspaces Encourage Students to Innovate and Build Critical Thinking Skills




    We are always looking for supplies.  Some may be little or no cost to you.   Look around your home for the following:

    toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, newspapers, boxes, pipe cleaners, straws, plastic cups, packing bubbles, material scraps, cotton, old or new shoe laces, ropes, twine, string, thread, rubber bands, paper clips, duct tape, masking tape, ANY tape, glues, clothespins, 

    Last but not least, we would love help organizing all these donations...Under-bed storage tubs or other plastic tubs work great.  


    If you have something to donate, please bring it to the media center.  If you have questions, please call Mrs. Bailey at 386.462.1648 in the media center.