• Reading Endorsement

    Florida’s Department of Education requires that certain teachers be reading endorsed or certified in order to teach reading. 

    Specifically, there are two statutes that require teachers to be Reading Endorsed or Certified:

    Statute 1011.62(9)(c) 7.(d)1 F.S) requires that any K-12 teacher, including ESE and ESOL, who is providing intensive reading intervention (i.e., MTSS Tier 3 students as defined by the district’s K-12 Comprehensive Reading Plan) be reading endorsed or certified. This statute takes effect at the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year.

    Statute 1008.25(7)(b)3 F.S) requires that any teacher, including ESE and ESOL, who is teaching reading to retained third graders, including summer camp students, must be reading endorsed or certified. This state statute also takes effect July 1. 2020.

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    It is quite possible that you may already have earned credit for one or more of the Reading Endorsement courses via college coursework and or previous inservice records. Please be sure to carefully read through the FAQ document to help you determine appropriate next steps. 

    For questions regarding our K-12 Reading Plan, please contact Kevin Berry (berrykj) in the Curriculum Department.

    For questions regarding Certification, please contact Michael Jacobi (jacobimh) in the Human Resources Department.

    For questions regarding coursework and enrollment, please contact Bessie Criscione (criscionebl) in the Professional Development Department.