August 13 ACPS COVID-19 Updates for Families

  • As you probably know, our schools and the entire community have seen a dramatic spike in COVID cases over the last few weeks, mainly due to the extremely contagious Delta variant. As of today, we have more than 30 students who have tested positive and nearly 500 quarantined because they’ve been exposed to a positive case. More than 50 employees have tested positive and nearly 100 are quarantined. 

    In an effort to keep schools open for in-person learning, the district is putting back in place some of the safety strategies we used last year to reduce the spread of the virus.

    Beginning Monday, August 16, non-essential visitors, including volunteers, will not be permitted inside schools and other district facilities until further notice. Essential visitors are defined as those with business critical to the operation of the district (a parent enrolling a student, contractors, deliveries, staff of the Department of Health, etc.). This also includes individuals providing support for academic programs who have prior approval from school and/or district administrators to be in the school.

    Before coming to campus, individuals must schedule an appointment. Onsite parent/guardian conferences may occur if scheduled and arranged ahead of time, and may also be conducted online. Additional volunteer/mentoring activities may be conducted virtually with prior approval from the school administration. 

    Also beginning Monday, parents/guardians will not be able to walk their children to class. For upcoming Open House events, only one adult may attend for each student. Schools will also have a digital option for Open House.

     We recognize this will be a disappointment for many families, but it is necessary to protect students and staff.

    The district will continue to monitor COVID cases/quarantines and consult with local health care professionals about safety strategies. Additional strategies may be needed to limit the spread of the virus and keep schools open. 

    We plan to loosen these protocols as soon as it is safe to do so. We will continue to share information about changes to our COVID-related plans.

    We appreciate your patience and understanding as we take these needed steps. As always, our goal is to keep your children safe and keep them in school.



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