Frequently Asked Questions

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     Q: Where do 6th graders report on the 1st day of school?

    A: All 6th graders will report to the cafeteria and sit with their homeroom.

    Q: Are 6th grades expected to wear the school uniform on the 1st day of school?

    A: Yes.

    Q: How will I know where my classes are located?

    A: On the first day of school, all 6th graders will remain in their homeroom class and receive an orientation. All students will receive a schedule, a locker and combination, a planner, and a map of the school. To help students learn Ft. Clarke, all homeroom classes will participate in a scavenger hunt.

    Q: What do I bring the 1st day of school?

    A: Paper, pencil, pen. The cafeteria will serve lunch, but like elementary school, lunch can be brought from home.  Clear water bottles are also permitted.

    Q: Will t-shirts be available for Frogtown?
    A: Yes. A T-shirt has been designed and will be available for sale soon. The cost will be ten dollars.

    Q: Do 6th graders go on field trips?
    A: Yes. A trip to MOSI is in the planning stages. In December, a trip to the Hippodrome is planned.  In June, students who have earned the privilege will have the opportunity to go to Universal in Orlando, Florida!

    Q:  Can 6th graders play sports?
    A. Yes! 6th graders can try out for volleyball, basketball, soccer, and lacrosse. Listen for more information in your HRs!