School Supplies

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    Loose leaf notebook paper
    #2 Pencils
    Dark blue or black pens
    Editing pens of different colors
    Zip bag to hold pencils and pens
    3 prong folders with pockets
    Good erasers
    Hand held pencil sharpener
    Colored pencils/markers

    1 subject spiral notebook
    5 subject spiral notebook

    One inch 3 ring binder 

    Flash drive (s)
    Hand Sanitizer

    • Note that each teacher will have specific supply requirements in addition to those above
    • All students will also be expected to have their planners with them everyday. These will be available during the first week of school. A donation of $5.00 is requested to offset the cost.
    • Students taking P.E. will be expected to wear their P.E. uniform. Uniforms will be available during the first few weeks of school at a modest cost.