• Spot ImageTo reduce significant overcrowding at three local elementary schools, Alachua County Public Schools is beginning a process called ‘spot rezoning.’ This is a process that involves redrawing school attendance zones at a limited number of schools to address capacity or other issues at those schools.

    The four schools that will be part of this spot rezoning process are Chiles, Hidden Oak, Meadowbrook and Terwilliger. Chiles, Hidden Oak and Meadowbrook are all over-capacity and any more development in their zones will contribute to the student population. Meanwhile, Terwilliger Elementary, which is located in the same general area, has significant space available.

    The new zones are scheduled to be finalized in mid-May of this year (2023) and take effect during the upcoming school year (2023-24).

    The district plans to hold special community meetings during the process to share information and gather public input, and School Board meetings and workshops will also include opportunities for citizens to offer comments. The dates, times and other information about those meetings and workshops will be posted on this site.

    The public can also provide input at spotrezoning@gm.sbac.edu.

    No map or maps will be developed until after the public has had the opportunity to provide input. Any proposed map(s) will be posted on this site.

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