Welcome to Madame Torres' French 2 class.

    School year 2014-2015

    Dear Parents and Students,

    Welcome to my class! In class this year and at home, students will learn skills to speak, understand, read and write in the target language for real-life communication, as well as aspects of the many other cultures around the world that will help them to better relate to the exploding target-language speaking population here and abroad.

    Sunshine State/World Language standards will be used in lesson planning, thus assuring students of learning essential skills, to help them better use the language and understand the varied French-speaking cultures. Skills checked in standardized tests such as the ACT and SAT will be emphasized as well, through reading and writing strategies that the students can also apply to their other school subjects.

    Career opportunities enhanced by knowledge of the target language will be highlighted, plus such job skills as personal responsibility, working well with others, organizational and memory techniques. Students will be taught how to, and asked to, stretch beyond what they previously thought possible, in terms of producing and comprehending the language. Every year, I’ve seen my students’ excitement grow as they communicate in the target language more and more fluently as the year progresses.

    We will study and practice not only the target language, but also how to learn a foreign language successfully. The two most important habits are: listening “with eyes and ears” and just being willing to try to make the right sounds or sentences. Our goal is for you to imitate, through trial and error, in both the spoken and written language, while not making fun of each other’s efforts.

    We will have a variety of experiences with the target language and cultures, with authentic music, art and other products from those countries, videos, newspapers and popular teen magazines. Our text and oral practice will be used for individual, paired, or group practice, as well as games to perk up our quiz reviews. Homework will be given nightly to master our new vocabulary and expressions. Very consistent class attendance is crucial in any level of foreign language study, since skills are learned in a cumulative way. Please review carefully the parent/student contract for my class and make sure that your child returns the bottom part to me, duly filled out. It is crucial that you indicate your daytime/cell phone number as well as your email address. Thank you!

    I look forward to getting more personally acquainted with you and your child this year. Please let me know if there is any particular way I can better serve him/her. Please remember that we do not have phones in our classrooms, so the best way to contact me is to email me at: torresbg@gm.sbac.edu.


    Mrs. Beatrice G. Torres


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