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    *Studying a world language is a wonderful opportunity for learning more about the world around us, developing an important skill, and teaching us more about our own language and culture.

    *The goal of the program is to present the target language within the context of the contemporary world and its diverse cultures.  The students are taught the four language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) within a communicative competency approach to language learning while incorporating state and national standards.  By using a variation of the "Direct" method & philosophy as a basis and incorporating a variety of teaching strategies from other methodologies, the instructor is able to teach in the target language as much as possible.  This technique is effective because the students are able to hear the target language in a variety of "real life" situations and in a fun way.

    *We use models, games, role-play activities, and skits to teach listening and speaking skills in the target language.  We are also able to introduce writing and computer activities and additional visual and auditory aids to help the students learn the world language they have chosen. The courses are also supplemented by additional materials (instructional and cultural reading material,  creative projects, technology projects, videos, online activities projected on the board, guest speakers, songs, conversation and several  types of cooperative learning activities.



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