• Ms. Joseph's Class

    Welcome to Ms. Joseph's Self-Contained, ESE classroom.  I teach my students for 5 periods each day.  This year, World Cultures, Civics and Earth/Space Science will be included in our studies along with Reading, Language Arts, and Math.  All of my students participate in the mainstream for homeroom, lunch and elective daily. 

    We will be taking the Alternate Assessment instead of the FSA state test.

    I have been teaching Special Education for many years in Alachua County. I previously taught in Miami, FL and Jackson, MS.   My degree is from Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, with graduate credits from Univerity of Florida and Nova University..  I have 2 wonderful adult children and 2 silly, old dogs.

    I look forward to meeting and teaching your student this year.  We will work hard and have fun, too.

    My Motto and only class rule is: I am Nice.  I think that just about says it all.

    I use old fashioned circus tickets that I hand out intermittantly for all kinds of good things.  The tickets are put in a large jar and pulled 2-3 times /day for a pick from the Treasure Box. 

    I am calm and fair. I am structured and really work hard to help my students improve their skills in all areas.  I give homework when we have done it in school first.  I consider homework PRACTICE, PRACTICE WHAT WE LEARNED, so it sticks in the brain for further use.  I like to use tactile reinforcement and music to help with memory--hand motions, song and dance work!

    I am determined that we learn to work smarter  with lots of tools to help increase learning speed, capacity and independence.  If you have any "tricks" that your child uses, please make sure I can use them, too. 

    I use technology in our classroom daily.  I am convinced that this skill will help "even the playing field" for our children.  If  you have an IPad that can come to school, we will use it in the class daily.  Please put a safety cover on the IPad.   Your agenda can come home on the IPad.  Mobymax.com can be used at school and at home for all  subjects and is available on the IPad AP. Writing skills will be enhanced by legibility and speed.  We have12 computers in our room.  Computers/IPads are a great incentive.  The students hardly realize it is work!

    Thank you for entrusting me with your student. I will do my best, and so will they!


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