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    Welcome to ASL 1 & 2

    Please refer to the Course Description given to each student for more detailed information about the class.

    A note about homework: Term projects and presentations may require extra work outside of class time, however, there is NO DAILY HOMEWORK. This is a visual language which has no written form and requires an instructor to model the correct production of each sign; therefore, it is not possible to send assignments home ahead of time or in order to make up missed work. I have to work with students one-on-one or assign a peer tutor when instruction is missed, so attendance (especially on test days) is crucial. As such, participation (which includes remaining silent during portions of our class time) is a significant part of the overall grade.  The Course Description has more about this and other important information.

    Bear in mind that although there is no homework assigned, some students may require more drill and practice than others. Ask to see a graded test (given every 2-3 weeks) to get an idea of how much extra practice is needed outside of class. But, usually, low grades indicate a lack of class participation. We do a lot of drill and practice in class.

    A Term Project is assigned every 9 weeks. A full, written description will be given weeks before the project is due, and ample class time (or time in the computer lab, if necessary) will be scheduled so that students can do all the work during class time. They will need a flash drive (memory stick) to save their work for some of these projects, but they won't need much memory for this. The cost should be less than $10 and the stick can be used for other classes. It's a good idea for all high school students to have this tool to back up their work.  

    If you have any questions as the year progresses, please feel free to *email me at: lacombrp


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