• English 2

    Welcome to English II! I am honored to be your teacher and look forward to getting to know each of you throughout this year. This course is a study of World Literature. We will explore literature from around the world and strive to make connections between our own perspectives and those of others.  This will not be an easy task because much of our world’s perspective is based upon our own experiences; however, the books we read will allow us to see universal themes from very diverse cultures as we experience the struggles, meet the characters, and discuss the literary elements. 

    The new Florida Collections textbook allows us to explore a variety of texts such as: short stories, poetry, speeches, articles, essays, poetry, and non-fiction. In addition to these selections, we will read novels and plays. Vocabulary will also be an important component. Of course, everything we do will help prepare the students for the FSA Exam.

    If there is ever a problem with anything in class (the work, another student, or me), please be sure to talk to me about it. I want nothing more than to see you succeed!


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