• Welcome to Ms. Paxson's Science Classes!

    Hello, all and welcome to the school homepage for Ms. Paxson's science classes.  I am excited to once again lead a busy and information-filled year teaching AICE Environmental Management and AICE/AP Biology!  These classes use the Cambridge and, in the case of Biology, the AP combined curricula to challenge you in ways you likely have not experienced.  Throughout the year, we will accomplish a lot, experience much, and learn not just about science, but about how we relate to that science and the world around us.  Remember that I am here for you, so if you are struggling or need help, never hesitate to ask.  I am available most days before and after school for additional help and tutoring, provided that you ask me at least a day in advance.

    All information, activities, notes, and assignments can be found on my personal website, www.paxsonscience.com .


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