Student Supply Lists

  • Teachers may have special needs for classroom supplies in addition to what is listed here.  If so, you will be notified at Meet the Teacher or during the first week of school. These supplies may not last the entire school year. Please check with your child periodically to make sure he/she has not run out of the basic supplies. 

    If you purchase your school supplies at Office Depot and mention High Springs Community School, the school will receive credit toward future purchases.

    2018-19 Student Supply Lists

Kindergarten Supply List

  • Large backpack with no wheels, labeled with your child's name Plastic pencil box

    1 spiral bound plain notebook (NO character cover)

    I composition book

    1 large box of tissues

    1 large Crayola 8 or 10 count crayons

    2-24 count Crayola crayons

    8 large white glue sticks

    I pair of children's scissors (Fiskars) 1 ream white Xerox paper

    1 Lysol or Clorox Disinfecting wipes

    1 large bottle of waterless hand sanitizer Baby wipes



    snack size baggies

    sandwich size baggies

    quart size baggies

    gallon size baggies

    *Please DO NOT label any of the above items except the backpack.

    We will be sharing some of these materials in our community of learners.

First Grade Supply List


    Personal Supplies:

    Plastic Pencil Box

    Backpack No Wheels

    Community Supplies: (to be used by the class)

         3 Packs-Dry Erase Markers                       4 Boxes of Crayons 24 count


    12 Glue Sticks

    Hand Sanitizer

    2 Large Pink Erasers

    3 Spiral Notebook

    2 Boxes of Kleenex Tissue

    2 Clorox Wipes

    Baby Wipes/ Wet wipes

    2 Reams of Copy Paper

    Girls: Band-Aids

    Boys: Quart size Ziploc bags

Second Grade Supply List

  • 1 ream (500 sheets) colored copy paper

    1 ream (500 sheets) white copy paper

    1 composition notebook

    1 sturdy pocket folder (no prongs) for Friday folder (Babston and Allen)

    Plastic pencil box 12 - #2 pencils

    Large erasers (6) Crayons (no more than 32)

    Washable markers

    Expo dry erase markers (2 packs)

    Glue sticks

    Children's scissors

    1 box Ziploc bags (gallon — boys), (quart or sandwich size - girls)

    Large class-size box of Kleenex tissues

    Hand sanitizer for the classroom Wet wipes: Lysol (or similar brand)

    Water Bottle (Babston, Wright)

Third Grade Class Supply List

  • Backpack (NO rolling backpacks, please!)

    Plastic pencil box

    1" white 3-ring binder with clear front sleeve and inside pockets

    1 Spiral Notebook

    1 Marbled Composition Notebook


    Multiplication Flash Cards

    Pencils and erasers*

    Red pens*

    Dry erase markers*

    Crayons, markers, and colored pencils*

    Roll of paper towels*

    Clorox wipes* (Girls only)

    Package of Cardstock (Girls only)

    Large box of tissues* (Boys only)

    l Package of printer paper (Boys only)

    * Collected-to be used by the whole class throughout the school year

Fourth grade supply list

  • 2 pkgs. of wide ruled notebook paper 1-2 pkgs. of pencils (pre-sharpened preferred)

    4 heavy duty folders with prongs, 2 pockets 4 composition books (black & white ones)

    Pencil box

    Glue sticks (pkg of 3)

    Other Helpful Items

    Dry erase markers


    Copy paper - 1 ream white and 1 ream colored scissors crayons 2-3 large boxes of Kleenex hand sanitizer Clorox wipes

    colored pencils Astrobright card stock paper Paper towels

Fifth Grade Supply List

  • 3-4 one-inch flexible binders (NO Trapper Keepers!) 3-ring dividers (2 packs) pencils erasers packages of loose leaf notebook paper

    I small pencil sharpener (may be battery powered) Red pens

    1 package of colored pencils

    1 pencil pouch

    • Highlighter
    • boxes of tissues I sturdy backpack water bottle (optional) Ziploc Baggies

    Clorox Disinfecting Wipes

    Expo Markers

    WISH LIST: Xerox paper (colored), printer cartridges (See your teacher.)

    PLEASE NOTE: Specific supplies may be required by individual teachers including: spiral notebooks, composition book, and/or pocket folders.

    REMINDER! !!! Students need to have the above listed supplies available throughout the year. We know that materials are lost or used up during the course of the year; therefore, we ask that you check with your child from time to time and replenish his/her supplies as necessary.

Resource Team Supply List

  • Art —Media — Music — Physical Education

    These supplies will help us with our programs.

    Please label, "For Resource Team"

    Paper Towels Adhesive bandages Baby wipes Clorox disinfecting wipes Dry erase markers

    Dry erase erasers

    Sharpie markers (black only)

    Packing Tape

    Plastic zip lock bags (snack and gallon)

    Epson 200XL printer cartridges

    (cyan, magenta. & yellow)



    Copy Paper      


    Please deliver your donations to the elementary media center.

    Thank you to those who have already given a donation.

Sixth Grade Supply List

  • Binders (5)

    Dividers (5 packs)

    Notebook paper

    Pencils Pens (blue, black, red)

    Erasers Scissors

    Glue stick

    Hole reinforcers Highlighters (various colors)

    3 prong folder

Seventh Grade Supply List

  • Science

    Paper folder (2 pockets and prongs)

    Notebook paper Small pencil sharpener

    Colored pencils


    1 box of tissues 1 roll of paper towels


    1 inch three-ring binder

    5 dividers

    Notebook paper

    Pens (black, blue and red)



    Index Cards (3 packages)








    2 paper folders (2 pocket with prongs)

    Notebook Paper




    h inch OR 1 inch three-ring binder

    Notebook paper

    5 dividers


    Graph paper

    Calculator (basic with square root function)

    1 box of tissues

    Language Arts 1 inch three-ring binder

    5 dividers

    Notebook paper

    Pens (black, blue and red)




Eighth Grade Supply List

  • Language Arts

    • 2 Folders with prongs and pockets
    • 100 page College ruled spiral notebook (Mead Five Star-preferred)
    • Loose leaf notebook paper, college ruled
    • #2 pencils
    • Glue sticks
    • Dark blue, black and red pens Highlighters


    • Pencils
    • 1 1/2 in. 3-ring notebook
    • Notebook paper
    • Basic Scientific Calculator, Texas Instruments Tl-30Xa preferred

    Social Studies

    • 1 to 1 1/2 inch 3-ring binder
    • Highlighters
    • Notebook paper
    • Blue/black ink pens
    • Hole reinforcers
    • Pencil sharpener
    • Hand sanitizer
    • Tissues


    • 1 — 1 1/2 in. 3 ring notebook
    • 5 tab dividers
    • Notebook paper
    • Pencils
    • Blue and Black ink Pens
    • Highlighters
    • Colored pencils
    • Hand held pencil sharpener


    • Pencils
    • Color pencils
    • Loose leaf notebook paper, college rule
    • Hand held pencil sharpener
    • Dividers
    • Highlighter
    • 1 in. 3 ring notebook
    • Calculator

    *** It is helpful for students to have a flash drive for projects/assignments that require them to save files they create from a computer.