• Ms. Milinkovic: American History

    Welcome to American History where we are studying the key events and people that shaped our country into what it is today.

    Our textbook, America: History of Our Nation, takes us on a journey through time from the earliest Americans and early European exploration of the "New World", all the way until the Reconstruction Period following the Civil War. Our course will cover the time period from around 300 B.C. to 1877 and everything in between.

    We will travel through the History of our Nation as we look into the Roots of the American People, European Exploration of the New World, the 13 Colonies and life in the Colonies, the Road to Revolution, the American Revolution, Creating the Constitution, Launching a New Nation, the Era of Thomas Jefferson, a Changing Nation, the North and South Take Different Paths, an Age of Reform, Westward Expansion, the Nation Divided, the Civil War and finally Reconstruction and the New South. 

    Join me in becoming an Historian and enjoy the journey through the History of America!!!


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