• World History With Mr. Dickens

    Welcome to World History! In this class we will learn about Ancient History from the Stone Age to the Romans and beyond! We will be using all sorts of media, technologies, and resources to bring History to life! If you happen to miss any of it in class or if you just want revisit it, then you have come to the right spot! Enjoy!

    Find the following on this website:

    • Weekly Agenda: Typically this will be posted weekly in the Links section and will provide a general overview of the lessons and activities covered in class. It will be organized by Unit ( i.e. Romans, Week 2)
    • Homework/Make-Up Work/Projects: All assignments will be posted to this website under the Assignment section. If you missed class, or maybe lost a paper, you can easily go to the Assignment section and find the activity you need.
    • Up-coming events: Homework due dates, test and quiz dates, and other important announcements will be posted in the Calendar.
    • Syllabus: A classroom syllabus can be found in the Links section.
    • Links: Any links that I use or that I think might be benificial to you will be posted.


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