Williams Magnet Program

  • Williams Magnet Program

    The Williams Magnet Program is an exceptional educational program for the School Board of Alachua County. It was the first elementary school magnet program in Alachua County, and is currently the only one that is fully gifted.  The program is designed for students to receive enrichment services for the entire instructional school day, including for all core academic areas (reading, writing, mathematics, science, and social studies). We have magnet classes for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades.  

    For more information, please contact the principal, Mrs. Anyana Stokes (stokesay) or the assistant principal, Dr. Chris Beland (belandcr). Note email addresses end in @gm.sbac.edu.

Open House

  • Magnet Open House 2/9 at 6:00 PM


Magnet Faculty


    Grade Level


    Second Grade

    Kylee Cannon

    Janet Witte

    Third Grade

    Kylee Sexton

    Veronika Thiebach

    Fourth Grade

    Kristin Brockman

    Karen Talham

    Fifth Grade

    Laura Maxwell

    Austine Wagner


  • What are the admission criteria?

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    • Gifted designation;
    • Academic Achievement: No N’s, U’s, D’s, or F’s;
    • Behavior: No “major” discipline referrals; No more than 4 out-of-school suspension days
    • No more than 10 unexcused absences
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  • What are other characteristics of a Williams Magnet student?

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    • Shows a need to be challenged;
    • Has an inquisitive nature;
    • Is highly motivated to learn and work.
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  • Can you give me an overview of Williams Elementary?

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    Williams Elementary was founded in 1938 and is located in southeastern Gainesville.  Currently, 550 to 600 students attend the school from kindergarten through grade 5. The school has an active Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and welcomes parent involvement in classroom and school activities.

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  • Do I need to reapply each year?

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    All of our students in grades 2, 3, and 4 do not need to reapply to our Magnet Program and are automatically rolled over into the next grade level at Williams each year.

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  • How many students are in a class?

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    2nd grade - 18 students

    3rd grade - 18 students

    4th grade - 22 students

    5th grade - 22 students

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  • Are there after school programs?

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    The school has an EDEP program that meets daily until 5:30 pm.  Contact the EDEP coordinator at 352-955-6719 (Ext. 4026).

    Also, the school has numerous teacher-sponsored after school clubs, including a competitive chess team, math club, chorus, art club, and science-related activities.

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  • Is transportation provided before and after school?

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    Yes.  The school board provides free transportation for magnet students.  Students typically use the zoned school as the drop-off point.

    Once a student is accepted into the Williams Magnet Program, we will provide you with additional information on how to easily register and set up transportation.

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  • Will my child be prepared for middle school?

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    Yes!  Our students have had successful post-Williams educations and careers.  Additionally, we have created a brief online handout to help give parents a few pointers on the transition to middle school, including the new online magnet application process, the school district universal magnet criteria, and selection process. See the handout in the Magnet Documents (williams.sbac.edu).

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  • What will happen when my child transitions to middle school?

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    We have created a brief handout to help give parents a few pointers on the transition to middle school, including the new online magnet application process, the school district universal magnet criteria, and selection process. See the handout in the Magnet Documents.

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  • What if my child currently attends a private, charter, or other school out of county?

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    Each student needs an Education Plan written and approved by SBAC personnel based on gifted testing results to be staffed into the program.  

    The Florida Department of Education requires 3 items in order to be eligible for gifted services:

    1. Need for a special program;
    2. A majority of characteristics of gifted students according to a standard scale or checklist;
    3. Superior intellectual development as measured by an intelligence quotient of two standard deviations or more above the mean on an individually administered standardized test of intelligence.

    The gifted referral process may take an extended time period from start to finish (3-6 months, for example, in many cases).

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  • Who may I contact for more information?

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    Yes, call (352-955-6719) or email us today!

    Mrs. Anyana Stokes, school principal, stokesay

    Dr. Chris Beland, assistant principal, belandcr

    *School board email addresses followed by @gm.sbac.edu

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