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    The second grade students engage in many multidisciplinary literary thematic units including inventions over time and diversity in America. Potential leaders thrive on learning, inquiry, creativity and safety in risk taking. In math, students quickly progress to third grade abstract skills integrating reasoning.  Students analyze, represent and model real-world relationships with math and science.

    The third grade students engage in literature based thematic units that integrate reading and social studies curriculum that focuses on North America. Students expand their knowledge of these countries through project based learning in the forms of book studies, station activities, web quests and research tasks.  Station work, AIMS, and GEMS activities allow the students to engage in hands on learning that integrates math and science concepts being taught.

    The fourth grade students study reading through the use of novels and social studies texts. They present their discoveries in ways such as live plays, computer presentations, speeches and creative writing.  Initiating the fifth grade math curriculum, students take a cross curricular look into real-world science and learn how the two are connected while using inquiry to apply knowledge to produce solutions to real world problems.

    The fifth grade students combine historical fiction novels in reading with their exploration of history in social studies. Blending in technology, students create projects in programs like Animoto, Tagzedo, Prezi, and Wordle.  Many students find themselves completing sixth grade math and ready for Algebra in middle school. Dry ice investigations, STEM activities and environmental detectives are engaging ways to learn the science curriculum.


    Receiving an invitation to apply, and completing the application process, does not guarantee acceptance in GLEAM Magnet Academy. A review of your child’s educational records will be conducted as part of the selection process. Furthermore, all students applying to the program must complete placement testing. Results of testing will be considered for selection.  If accepted, specific academic, behavior, attendance and tardy requirements must be maintained to remain enrolled. 

    For additional information regarding GLEAM please contact Anyana Stokes at stokesay ( or call Williams Elementary at 352-955-6719.

Magnet Faculty

  •  2nd Grade

    M. Brown

    J. Witte

    3rd Grade

    K. Sexton


    4th Grade

    K. Talham

    K. Brockman

    5th Grade

    L. Maxwell

    B. Siegel-Fultz

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