Mrs. Helen Saltzgiver

Phone: 352-472-1100, Fax (844)-576-2605


Degrees and Certifications:

Master of Education

Mrs. Helen Saltzgiver

is Newberry Elementary's Behavior Resource Teacher. As the BRT, one of her responsibilities is to incorporate Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports or 'PBIS' throughout the school.

Through PBIS, Mrs. Saltzgiver promotes a positive reinforcement that benefits every person at our school. At NES, students and teachers are encouraged to reach their fullest potential.

We want to create a learning environment that is not only safe but fun! 

What Is PBIS?

  • PBIS is a 3-tier, data-driven, systematic plan designed for reducing unwanted student behaviors in order to increase student engagement and learning. The plan holds students accountable to school-wide expectations through engaging, focused instruction, and a reward system and behavior analysis.
    Behavior Resource Teacher (BRT) support is appropriate for teacher behavior management challenges at TIER 1 (e.g. new teacher/difficult class), TIER 2 (e.g. reward chart with increased incentive for student needing repetitive re-teaching for replacement behaviors) and TIER 3 (e.g. intensive FBA/BIP to address behavior modification).

    PBIS Tier

  • School-Wide Expectations:



    paw WE ARE SAFE

How Is PBIS Implemented?

  • When students are seen "Doing Good" they are given a "Do Good" ticket. As tickets are collected, students may use them to buy items from the school store or to gain entry into a PBIS-Sponsored event.

    Do Good Ticket


How Can Parents Get Involved?

  • Become a VOLUNTEER!

    Parents, fill out a Volunteer Application in order to contribute during PBIS Events. Also, PBIS will frequently ask for donations of items necessary to host an event.

    If you have any questions about being a volunteer, please contact Mary Strauch, our Volunteer Coordinator at

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PBIS Volunteer Opportunities: