• Ms. Kage - Sciences

    Philosophy: As an educator, I aim to sustain an educational setting that builds students’ cognitive reasoning and problem solving skills, and provides opportunities for students to not only grasp concepts, but to find connections allowing them to relate and apply those beyond the classroom. At our high school we have three school-wide “Habits of Mind” that I employ in my teaching: Build Intellectual Perseverance (promoting the value of a strong work ethic and cultivating sustained efforts), Develop Metacognition (thinking about what we think and why - reflecting, practicing intellectual humility, and challenging us to be critical thinkers), and Create Intellectual Curiosity (fostering the desire to know, and valuing inquiry and investigation). The goal is to create a culture of life-long learners, where people are informed citizens who have the tools and the “know how” to think and act critically in an ever-changing society.


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