• ABC Countdown

    April 27thAnimal Day!  Bring in your favorite stuffed animal!

    April 28thBaby Picture Day!  Bring in a baby picture!  Don't share yet.  We will try to guess who is who!

    May 1st:  Color Day!  Wear your favorite color to school!  You can also write in your favorite color all day.

    May 2ndDonut Day!  Your teacher will bring in donuts to enjoy!

    May 3rdEric Carle Day!  We will learn about Eric Carle and read some of his books.

    May 4th:  Favorite Book Day!  Bring in your favorite book to share with the class.

    May 5th:  Go on a March!  Today is March of Dimes walk.

    May 8th:   Hawaiian Day!  Come in wearing a tropical outfit.

    May 9th Inside Out Day!  Wear your shirt inside out.

    May 10th:  Jersey Day!  Wear your favorite jersey or school spirit shirt to school.

    May 11th:  Kindness Day!  Do only kind deeds today.  They will be rewarded.

    May 12th:  Learn About First Grade!  We will visit first grade classrooms.

    May 15th Music Day!  We will listen to music all day.

    May 16th:  Name Day!  We will change our names for the day.  Choose a new name and put it on a name tag.

    May 17th:  Outside Day!  Weather permitting, we will go outside for one subject... rain, rain, stay away...

    May 18th:  Popsicle Day!  Teacher will provide popsicles.

    May 19th:  Quiet Day.  Shhhh... bring in your favorite book to read and relax with. 

    May 22nd:  R

    May 23rd:  Summer Birthdays Day!  We will celebrate friends who have a birthday over the summer.

    May 24th:  Thank You Day!  We will be making cards to say "thank you" to all the people who make our school great.

    May 25th:  Unique You Day!  Come ready to share your favorite thing with your friends!

    May 26thVideo Day!  We will watch a video today.

    May 30th:  Wear Sunglasses Day!  Wear your favorite sunglasses to school.

    May 31st:  MiX-Match Day!  Wear silly clothes that don't match.

    June 1st:  CrazY Sock Day!  Wear your craziest socks!  (Also Carnival Day)

    June 2nd:  Zoom out of school with Jack Hartmann.  Last day of school J


  • Scholastic

    I have sent home scholastic fliers; however, anytime you are interested in ordering, you can go to this link: https://orders.scholastic.com/G2CWL

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