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    I strongly believe that students should enjoy learning and have fun practicing their skills.  I have compiled a list of educational games children can play at home.  All are free, of course! 

    • Starfall is an excellent page we use in the classroom.  It is designed to help with reading and the children are always asking to play.

    •  ABCya is a site comprised of many different educational games and activities, all of which were created or approved by teachers.  They are meant to provide an interactive way to help students learn.  Some of the games incorporate other subjects (such as math) while also introducing children to basic computer skills. 

    • FreeRice is really awesome.  It is a very simple game where you are given a word and four choices.  To win, you have to correctly identify what the word means.  For each answer you get right, ten grains of rice are donated to the World Food Programme.  The questions change depending on your "level," so it is a game with no age limitations.  The only requirement is being able to read... or have a super cool parent who will read to you :)

    • Sheppard Software is a site composed of hundreds of games on all different subjects.  It was once named CNN's fun site of the week.

    • A+Math is a website with games focusing on math.  There are a few different type of games -- I personally prefer the hidden picture game.  There are problems for addition and subtraction that students are definitely capable of answering :)

    • LearningGamesForKids is a website whose name says it all.

    If you have an iPad you allow your child to play, I would also highly recommend downloading "my backpack" by Waterford.  It is free and such a valuable tool for beginning readers.

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