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    End of Year Countdown Fun!

    May 5th: Animal Day!  Bring in your favorite stuffed animal!

    May 6th: Baby Picture Day!  Bring in a baby picture!  Don't share yet.  We will try to guess who is who!

    May 9th:  Color Day!  Wear your favorite color to school!  You can also write in your favorite color all day.

    May 10th: Donut Day!  Your teacher will bring in donuts to enjoy!

    May 11th: Eric Carle Day!  We will learn about Eric Carle and read some of his books.

    May 12th:  Favorite Book Day!  Bring in your favorite book to share with the class.

    May 13th:  Go on a March!  Today is March of Dimes walk.

    May 16th:   Hawaiian Day!  Come in wearing a tropical outfit.

    May 17th:  Inside Out Day!  Wear your shirt inside out.

    May 18th:  Jersey Day!  Wear your favorite jersey or school spirit shirt to school.

    May 19th:  Kindness Day!  Do only kind deeds today.  They will be rewarded.

    May 20th:  Learn About First Grade!  We will visit first grade classrooms.

    May 23rd:  Music Day!  We will listen to music all day.

    May 24th:  Name Day!  We will change our names for the day.  Choose a new name and put it on a name tag.

    May 25th:  Outside Day!  Weather permitting, we will go outside for one subject... rain, rain, stay away...

    May 26th:  Popsicle Day!  Teacher will provide popsicles.

    May 27th:  Quiet Day.  Shhhh... bring in your favorite book to read and relax with. 

    May 30th:  Rest Day.  Day off from school to celebrate Memorial Day.

    May 31st:  Summer Birthdays Day!  We will celebrate friends who have a birthday over the summer.

    June 1st:  Thank You Day!  We will be making cards to say "thank you" to all the people who make our school great.

    June 2nd:  Unique You Day!  Come ready to share your favorite thing with your friends!

    June 3rd: Video Day!  We will watch a video today.

    June 6th:  Wear Sunglasses Day!  Wear your favorite sunglasses to school.

    June 7th:  MiX-Match Day!  Wear silly clothes that don't match.

     (Also Carnival Day)

    June 8th:  CrazY Sock Day!  Wear your craziest socks!

    June 9th:  Zoom out of school with Jack Hartmann.  Last day of school -- no uniform! 


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