• Ms. Williams' 3rd Grade Magnet

    Thanks for visiting our class website!

    I hope that everyone has a FANTASTIC summer :)!

    Ms. Williams’ Tips for Summer Break:

    • READ!  Make sure you are reading every week.  This will help you to build your fluency and overall comprehension.  Be sure to have conversations with someone about what you’re reading, too.
    • BE CREATIVE! Participate in as many activities that require you to “think outside of the box,” problem solve, and express yourself.  This can be going to a summer camp, doing arts and crafts, writing creative stories, performing science experiments, or putting on plays.  The more creative, the better!
    • STAY ACTIVE! Try to get at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day!   Don’t just watch T.V. or sit in front of a computer.
    • PRACTICE YOUR MATH FACTS! Continue to work on mastering your multiplication and division facts.
    • KEEP A JOURNAL! Write down all of your experiences throughout the summer. 


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