• Hidden Oak Learning Expectations

    In an effort to maintain consistency across the school, we have established the following school-wide expectations concerning curriculum and instruction. All teachers will be following these expectations.

    • Actual amount of required student work per subject per day
      • Reading - 45 minutes (M, T, W, Th, F)
      • Math - 30 minutes  (M, T, W, Th, F)
      • Science - 30 Minutes (M, W, F)
      • Social Studies/Writing - 30 minutes (T, Th)
      • Students complete as much as they can during this time…then they are done. If they finish the required work, or need extra, any of the supplemental resources and websites available through the student portal or that teachers have shared can be used.
    • Teachers will provide 1 hour of live office time per day. This is time for the students and parents to log into a Zoom meeting for questions, help on a problem, clarification, etc. 
      • This is not a live 1 hour class teaching session
      • The expectation is that the office time will vary to offer different times for parents to log in...knowing that parent work schedules may prohibit breaking free every day at the same time. 
    • Teachers will record 10-15 minute direct instruction videos for each concept or new skill being taught. 
      • These videos are the actual teaching of the content
      • These videos are uploaded to the Google classroom and will be available any time the child needs them. 
      • Teachers will upload specific content and resources directly connected to their videos to their Google classrooms for download  and we will have that available for pickup as well.

    Important - We are not telling parents an exact schedule that must be followed each day because we want parents to have as much flexibility as possible in order to accommodate their varying schedules and needs.