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Academy Information

The Academy of Health Professions is a first class magnet program at Gainesville High School that allows students to become trained in various health care fields such as nursing assistant, physical therapy aide, first responder, EMT, dental aide, pharmacy technician, medical laboratory assisting  and respiratory care aide. 

The goal of the Academy of Health Professions is to prepare the students to become well trained and assume entry level positions while continuing their education whether it is in nursing, pharmacy, medical school, physical therapy, respiratory therapy, dental school or any number health related occupations.  We are constantly striving to develop additional clinical experiences in our Academy.  It is our goal to add a new clinical endpoint for our senior students every two years.  

It is very important to adhere to the contract that every student and parent is required to sign regarding academic and behavior expectations.   The student's retention and  promotion in our program year to year is based on meeting or exceeding their goals as outlined in our student contract.

As Director of the Academy of Health Professions, I bring over 41 years of nursing experience to this program.  I love teaching high school students and motivating them to explore different avenues in the health care field.  I  was honored by my fellow teachers to be selected as Alachua County's High School Teacher of the Year for 2007-2008.   Striving to promote, enhance and instill the love of learning and motivate our Academy students to become healthcare providers is my mission.

I am always accessible by emailing me which I will respond to within 24 hours or less.  My email is  If you wish to reach me by phone that  number is 955-6707 Ext. 277.

I am excited about having your son/daughter become an active, vibrant part of our Academy of Health Professions.  And if they are in the AHP program, their time with us at GHS will be unforgettable.

Janine Plavac, R.N.,B.S.N.
Director, Academy of Health Professions
Gainesville High School