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COVID-19 Testing Consent Form

To the families of students who will be attending brick and mortar schools:

You have a critical role to play in protecting the health and safety of students and staff who will be returning to brick and mortar schools on Monday, August 31.

First and foremost, we ask that you keep your child home if they have symptoms of COVID, have had significant contact with someone who has COVID (within 6 ft for 15 minutes) win the last 14 days, is waiting on the results of a COVID test or currently has COVID

The district has prepared a Daily Screening Checklist for Parents that we're asking all families to review every morning with each student. If your child has any of the symptoms listed on the checklist, they should NOT come to school. Information about when they can return to school is included on the checklist.

We are also working with the Alachua County Health Department and medical experts from the University of Florida to prevent the spread of COVID in our schools. Part of that effort involves testing students who have symptoms of COVID or who have had significant contact with someone who has the virus. These tests will be provided at no cost to you. However, we will need a consent form for each child to conduct the test. If possible, we ask that you fill out the form and send it in to school with your child. You will also be able to fill out the form at school if testing is recommended for your child. The consent form is attached.

Thank you for supporting a safe return to school!

COVID-19 Testing Consent Form