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NHS Yearbooks and Senior Yearbook Ads

We are excited to announce that NHS Yearbooks are now on sale for $55.00. You have 2 options to order your Yearbook: (1) you can visit the SWI Photographer website at to order your Yearbook or (2) you can pay a $10.00 deposit (payment must be made directly to Mrs. Albury on the NHS campus) which will reserve a Yearbook and the balance does not have to be paid until the Yearbooks are delivered. After February 1, 2022, the price of the Yearbooks will increase to $65.00 so don't wait. Yearbooks always sell out very quickly, so don't forget to reserve yours today!
Senior Yearbook Ads are now on sale. Space is very limited so if you are interested in purchasing an ad for your graduating student, please visit the SWI Photographer website at as soon as possible. A full page ad is $125.00, 1/2 page ad is $65.00, and a 1/4 page ad is $35.00. Since there is only a limited number of pages for senior ads, payment must be made at the time the ad is reserved. All designs, photos, and special messages for the senior ads must be completed on the SWI Photographers' website.