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Santa Fe College Achieve Program

PANTHERS, don't miss this great opportunity!
The Santa Fe College Achieve program provides students with mentoring opportunities right inside their high schools – coaching them on career exploration, time management, financial aid and more. That level of mentorship will continue after students enroll at Santa Fe College, along with a stipend to cover the costs of textbooks. Eligible students will also qualify for a full-tuition scholarship that picks up where financial aid leaves off, helping to pay for up to 60 credit hours at Santa Fe College. Any student attending a local public high school grade can sign up now for Santa Fe College Achieve. There is no minimum GPA, and you can be in any grade level. Signing up doesn't mean you are required to attend Santa Fe College, but if you decide to do so, you will be on track to earn the Santa Fe College Achieve Scholarship. Click the link or talk to your NHS Guidance Counselor for more information: