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Testing Reminders

We are approaching one of the busiest and most important times of year for any high school student....testing!
Depending on your child's scheduled courses, he or she may be required to take the FAST ELA Assessments, Cambridge testing, End of Course (EOC) exams, and/or AP Exams. The specific testing dates for these courses can be found on the NHS Master Calendar located at the Newberry High School website (
It is important that your child is prepared for any such testing by reviewing and studying all course materials provided, getting a good night's rest, eating a good breakfast, and coming to school on time. While we understand that it is sometimes unavoidable, it is equally important that students not be permitted to check out early from school. Late check ins and early check outs, even during lunch periods, cause disruptions to teaching, testing, and other school programs on campus, even if your child is not participating in testing on any particular day.