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Summer Reading Assignment (Extra Credit)

The English Department at NHS is offering this year's Summer Reading Assignment to all NHS students as an extra credit option when returning to school for the 2024-25 school year. Students are encouraged to read a novel of their choice on grade level for this year's Summer Reading Assignment. The directions are as follows:

1.    Read a book. You may choose your own book, but it must be from one of the following genres, and must be on your grade level or higher:

  • Mythology
  • Classics

2.    Choose one of the following projects:

  • Quote finder:  Select 10 quotes from the novel that you felt were important to you or the novel.  Write the quote, explain why you selected it, and why it is significant to the book as a whole.
  • Scene creator:  Select a scene from the book and draw a picture of it. In a short essay (2 to 3 paragraphs) explain clearly what you drew and why that scene is important to the overall theme of the book.
  • Interview creator:  Pretend that you are interviewing the author.  What 15 questions would you ask?  Explain why you want to know the answer to those questions.
  • Vision board: Choose a character from your reading and create a vision board for that character. Include physical appearance and psychological qualities such as beliefs or skills, changes the character undergoes, as well as internal and external struggles the character experiences.
  • Complete the Google Form in the Google Classroom: Google Classroom Link

Additionally, the public library has a summer reading program. Students may want to participate in this. Participating in the summer reading program can replace the summer reading assignment. Students may email Mrs. Brady or Ms. Steele that this is their option and we will verify their participation with the public library. 

Completion of the Google form and project are due no later than August 25, 2024. Work may be submitted as a hard copy or shared into Google classroom. 

Your English teacher for the 2024-25 school year will determine the extra credit value given per book read. Please contact Mrs. Brady ( or Ms. Steele ( if you have any questions.