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Trouble Logging In? Password Problems?

Password or Username Problems?

If you are having trouble logging into myPortal or your student Gmail and you need help -- please go to myPortal and click the buttons you see below!


myPortal web page login with arrows pointing at Password Help button and Password Reset button


If you would like phone support, please call the ACPS Technical Support Call Center at 352-955-7051 , Option 1.

Is your Borrowed Laptop asking for a login?

If you close your laptop lid while it is still on, it will go to sleep.

When you open the lid back up, it will take you to a login screen that looks like this:

ACPS laptop login screeen

That means your laptop went to sleep.

Here's what to do -- find the checkout sheet that came with your laptop! Every laptop was issued with its printed checkout record.

It looks like this:

ACPS library system checkout record for a loaner laptop, highlighting the area that shows how to login

Your laptop's login password is highlighted on that paper. We've put a red box around it here just to point out the area to look for.

In this example the machine name and password are hidden in order to keep security for that device, but on your paper the password will be easy to see!