Test Schedule

Spring FSA & EOC Test Schedules ~ Please click here to find out when your student(s) will be testing. Below is a list of the assessments your student will be taking for the remainder of the year.  This does not include any classroom based assessments or AIMS.

6th Grade: FSA Reading, FSA Math (students enrolled in 7th Advanced Math will take the 7th grade Math FSA), World History DEOC (District End of Course), and Science DEOC
7th Grade: FSA Reading, FSA Math (students enrolled in Algebra will take the Algebra EOC in lieu of the 7th grade FSA), Civics EOC, Science DEOC
8th Grade: FSA Reading, FSA Math (students enrolled in Algebra or Geometry will take the EOC for that course in lieu of the FSA), Civics EOC (if enrolled in a Civics course) FSA Science, US History DEOC
ALL: Students in the following electives will also take a DEOC (PE, Information and Computer Technology, Art, Band 1, Advanced Spanish)

Practice Tests: Students are encouraged to access the practice tests available on the state website.  This link will allow you to access recordings for the computer based practice tests, including 7th and 8th grade ELA Reading and Math, Algebra, Geometry, and Civics.  Click here for paper-based test practice materials.