Meadowbrook Math Night

How Can YOU help with Math Night?


1. Be Informed: 

a. What is this Math Night all about?   Our Meadowbrook PTA was awarded the 2018 National PTA STEM + Families Math Night Grant to host a STEM & Families Math night in partnership with Mathnasium.  It will take place in our school cafeteria.   The grant will allow us to buy food for the event as well as prizes for our students, parents, teachers and volunteer participants.  

b.  When in this Math Night taking place?  Our PTA STEM & Families Math Night will take place on Thursday, November 29th, from 6pm-8pm. 

c.  Will this program be different then the Publix Math Night?  YES!  The math night is set up as a series of games provided by Mathnasium that families can come and participate in together.  It will not impact Publix Math Night in any way!

d.  Will there be game for all of our students?  Yes.  Mathnasium sets up the games so there will be games for K-2 and 3-5.  All students are welcome!

e.  How will the prizes work?  All the students who participate will leave with a token from Mathnasium.  Students who participate in all of the games will be entered in a drawing to win variety of different prizes.  All parents/adults who participate in all of the games will be entered in a drawing to win a variety of gift cards.  All volunteers who help through out the night will be entered to win a variety of gift cards.  The teacher/teachers with the most participation will also win prizes. 

2.  Inform your Students and Parents:

 I have always found that word of mouth is the best type of marketing.  Your participation in getting information to your students and families is invaluable!  By emailing your families about Math Night and/or including information about Math Night in your class newsletters and/or class calendar throughout the month of November you will reach more students and families than any flyer can.  You will also help us save a lot of trees!

So, please help us promote Math Night during the month of November!

3.  HELP us Recruit Volunteers:

For our FIRST STEM & Families Math Night to be successful we need volunteers!  We need people to help with food, to help us run the games, to help us with set up and clean up! If you have any parents/grandparents/teen siblings, etc - who ask or have asked about volunteering please send them our way.  We need good volunteers!   Teachers and staff you are welcome to volunteer as well- we will feed you as much Pizza as you need!  :)

*  If you have any question, concerns or ideas please contact Kio Fuller at or 352-281-8468.  Feel free to pass on my email to your parents!  Thank you.


Kio Fuller
Phone: 352-281-8468