Operation Graduation

Seniors and Parents, please read this important announcement from the District regarding Operation Graduation:

Thanks to all of you who have submitted release forms for seniors to participate in Operation Graduation, a joint effort by the district, CBS4 and Scorpio Construction to recognize the Class of 2020 with TV broadcasts that include the photos/names of graduating seniors from each of our schools.This will NOT replace a graduation ceremony, it's just an extra recognition.

To be included in the video, a student MUST have a release form signed by the student and parent. The form can be filled out, signed and submitted entirely online:


You can also print the form, scan it or take a photo and email it to graduation@gm.sbac.edu. The deadline to submit the form is Friday, May 15. 

For seniors who DID NOT have a yearbook photo taken but would like to have one in the video and other possible recognition programs, SWI Photographers is offering free sittings next week. A flier with information on how to make an appointment is attached, or you can go to the SWI website at https://swiphoto.com/acps2020_web/

If you have any questions, please contact the district’s Office of Communications at Jackie.johnson (@gm.sbac.eduor at (352) 955-7545.

SWI Senior Makeup Photos