Program Information

  • Program hours are from school dismissal until 5:30pm.

    Late fees will be charged beginning at 5:31 (6:01) at a rate of $15.00 per child for every 15 minutes you are late. Three late pick ups will result in dismissal from the program.

Program Fees

  • Weekly Rates

    Rate 1:  $67.00

    Scholarship Rate III:  $47.00

    Scholarship Rate II:  $32.00

    Scholarships are available based on household income. The parent must complete an application and submit income verification to determine the proper fees to be charged. Until the scholarship form is processed, everyone will pay the full rate.

    Payments may be made by credit card or bank account using the Kinderlime parent app.  Payments may also be made by check or cash at the EDEP office. 

    Please DO NOT drop checks off in the front office or with your child’s teacher.

    Fees are always due no later than Monday of the current week.

    Weekly fees are due reagardless of attendance.

EDEP Registration

  • Welcome! Beginning at 9 a.m. on May 3, you may request an appointment to register for the EDEP After-School Program for the new school year.


EDEP at Archer



Degrees and Certifications:

John Hancock, Coordinator

Email: hancockjf (
Phone: 352-495-3825

Program Hours: school dismissal to 5:30 p.m.
TAX ID#   59-6000500

Link to the District EDEP Site

Procare Secure Check In/Out

    • All EDEP programs use Procare to track check-in and check-out of children and to communicate with parents through email. The link to the Procare website can be found here

      Parents can make fee payments, see their account history and current balance, add authorized adults to pick up, send messages to the program coordinator, and check PINs.

      When sending messages through Procare, please include the name of your child in your message. Otherwise there is no way to tell who sent the message.

Check Out Procedures

    • Check-out is any time between the end of the school day and 5:30. 

      Children will be released only to authorized adults. Anyone picking up must be able to produce a valid photo ID at pickup.

      Anyone picking up must have their own Procare PIN to check the child out. Authorized adults may be added through the Procare app, and must also be listed on the hard copy of the child's registration card.