We Love Volunteers!

  • We love our volunteers at Littlewood Elementary School!

    Volunteers are welcome and needed! There are many ways to volunteer.  As a volunteer, you can...

    • help with classroom parties
    • donate needed items to classrooms
    • assist teachers with projects
    • help with field trips
    • be a resource speaker
    • help out with special events
    • join us in our after-school tutoring program
    • help with fundraisers
    • mentor or tutor

    This is just a sampling of the endless possibilities for volunteering and every person has a special skill or talent to contribute. What's yours? Come join us!Volunteers Needed!

    All volunteers must have a volunteer application on file. Applications must be filled out annually.

    Click here to apply: bit.ly/ACPSapp

    For more information about volunteering with Alachua County Public Schools or information on becoming a business partner, please visit our district site.

    The active participation of parents and community members in the classroom extends the effectiveness of teachers and staff. Volunteers also help the district deliver valuable services to students and schools that would not be feasible without the support of the community. If you think you will go on a field trip or help in your child’s classroom at any time during the year fill out the application at the beginning of the school year.

    We will no longer accept paper volunteer applications. Each of our schools can assist you in accessing the online application. You can also come to the School Volunteer office to complete the volunteer application. You can even apply with your smartphone.

    You are required to complete a new application each year. As part of standard safety practices, all volunteers and visitors must provide a photo ID each time they visit an Alachua County Public School or facility. A national check of the sexual predator registries is completed each time a volunteer checks into our facilities. Other criminal history websites are checked as warranted. Please answer all legal questions completely and honestly to ensure that you will be eligible to volunteer.

    The Raptor web address for the volunteer application is:

    Please contact the office of the school you wish to volunteer in or the School Volunteer Office if you have questions-352-955-7250 X252. 

    Online Volunteer Application

    We appreciate our volunteers. Please note that a new application has to be filled out online for each school year.