Safety Patrol

  • New patrols will receive their belts and post assignment on Friday, August 10th at Meet the Teacher.  Please make sure your child is ready to serve on the first day of school, except for morning mile.  : )  In case of lost belts or badges, replacements will be given for a fee of $5 each. 

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    • Please plan to serve at your post during light rain or shine.  Do not report to duty if it is lightning, thundering, storming, etc!  In this case, you will be dismissed with your class.  Please wear a poncho or jacket during duty if you are serving on a rainy day.
    • Front Car Dismissal (PM), PLEASE remain on duty until dismissed.  We need you to fulfill your duty until all children are safely in their cars.
    • After you are dismissed from your post, go DIRECTLY to your parent.    
    • For the safety of yourself and the other students, please do not carry on a conversation with your parents or friends while at your post.
    • Please be at your post ON TIME to greet teachers and students.  We will be checking around to make sure you are at your assigned post in the mornings and afternoons.
    • Please keep your belt and badge safely folded in your backpack throughout the school day.  We ask that you only wear your belt during your duty.  

    Thanks for serving and doing your best!  We appreciate you!  

    Parent Meeting (DC trip, etc):  Date TBD

    Mark Your Calendar:   

    Note: Unless there are extenuating circumstances, please do not ask to change posts.  Thank you for your help with this. 

Patrol Information