Mission, Vision and Beliefs

  • Our Mission is to encourage each child to become a lifelong learner by performing to his or her potential
    in a safe, nurturing and challenging learning environment.

    Our Vision is to provide a climate of strong supportive relationships and academic excellence in order to
    promote self-confident, capable lifelong learners.

    We Believe:
    1. Respect for each individual is fundamental to teaching and learning.

    2. All children can learn given appropriate time, instruction and access to resources.

    3. Students benefit academically in a safe, supportive and stimulating environment.

    4. Students’ learning, attendance, and behavior improve when they are actively engaged in
    meaningful work.

    5. Education is a shared responsibility. It is a partnership between home, school and community.

    6. High standards and expectations must be maintained through a system of accountability for all
    students, staff and schools.

    7. Quality faculty and staff are essential to school excellence.