Safety Tips for Students

  • Always Remember...


    Think before you post!  

    Once you post a picture or a comment, it is there forever.  Even if you delete it, anyone can copy and repost your information.


    Avoid cyberbullying.  

    Do not post hurtful or unnecessary comments.


    Be careful connecting with strangers online.  

    They may not be who they say they are. 


    Keep your personal information private.  

    Identity thieves are lurking on the web.


    It is not a good idea to post your location.  

    Do you really want the whole world to know where you are?


    Put your cell phone away when you drive.    

    Texting, using apps, and talking on the phone leads to distracted driving.





Safety Tips for Parents

Social App Privacy Settings

  • Managing Your Privacy Settings on Social Apps

    Social Apps are a great tool for networking, staying connected with friends, and sharing events, but it is important to adjust the default  privacy settings to ensure that your personal information remains protected.


    Instagram is a smartphone-based app which allows users to upload photos and 15 second videos, along with comments and captions.  By default, your profile and posts can be seen by anyone.  To modify your settings so that only your approved followers can see your  pictures:

    1. Tap “Edit Your Profile” next to your profile picture
    2. Turn on the “Posts are Private” setting
    3. Save your changes



    Snapchat allows users to take photos and videos, along with sending text, to a controlled list of contacts.  The user can set a time limit  for how long their contacts can view their messages, photos, and videos, up to a 24 hour period.

    There are two privacy settings that can be controlled by the user: 

    1. “Who Can Send Me Snaps?” – select “My Friends,” rather than “Everyone.”
    2. “Who Can View My Story?” – select “My Friends,” or “Custom,” rather than “Everyone.”


    Although managing your privacy settings on social apps can help keep your personal information protected, always remember…

     “Nothing is truly private on the internet.”