Business Partners

  • Our Business Partners and Volunteers are Fundamental to Our Program

    The A. Quinn Jones Business Partners and volunteers are essential to our overall school program. They sponsor our Wildcat of the Week rewards, PALS program, Teacher Appreciation Program and many of our Title I & School Advisory Council Dinners. We appreciate their generosity and willingness to be a part of our school.

    Provides Incentives for Wildcat of the Week:

    Sweet Berries Eatery and Frozen Custard – Jane Osmond Owner
    Burger King, NW 16th Ave - Chuck Galton, Owner
    Subway, NW 10th St & University - Tom & Ada Neal, Owners
    McDonald’s Campus Store - Curtis Paris, Owner; Ann Smith, District Manager
    Stevie B’s, 3720 NW 39th Ave - Tina Ross, Manager; Hatal & Pritesh Patel, Owners

    Provides PALS Program & Counseling Services Vista @ Shands – Caroline Earles / Dr. Lucy Marrero

    Provides Teacher Appreciation & SAC Dinners
    Leonardo’s Millhopper - Mr. & Mrs. Greg Brannon, Owners
    Subway, NW 10th & University - Tom & Ada Neal, Owners
    Christ Community Church, Parker Road

Partner Documents